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This photograph has a wonderful story behind it. Since the owner of these horses, Cindy Henry, tells it best, here it is:

I thought I had weaned my Khemosabi++++ grandfilly, KHEMOS IRISH ROSE, but boy did she fool me good!! I had moved her momma to my second pasture and left Rose with her running buddy, CUSTOM ORDERED (aka Nikki), and her momma for company till the heartache of separation was over. Much to my suprise I went the next day to feed and spend a little extra time with the heartbroken Rose and found her just as happy as a lark, nursing from Nikki's momma!!! Now, my quarter horse mare has one purebred arabian filly on one side, and one tobiano half-arabian filly on the other. And LIL BIT COPENHAGEN (my QH mare) doesn't even mind. In fact, I don't think she would want it any other way!!!!!

Thanks for your interest in my girls! They are quite a trio and I love and
cherish them very much.

Cindy Henry

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