A voluntary state inspected cattery with an excellent rating

GC Kipkat Panama Jack of Chestnutfarm
Best Tonkinese in Championship for 1997/98 in the Southern Region (Region 7).

GP Chestnutfarm Jack Flash of Skogeier
Best Tonkinese Premier
1998 CFA Allbreed International Cat Show
Kansas City, MO.


GC, BW Chestnutfarm Jackson of Wan-Lea
Region 7's Best Tonkinese in Championship
Region 7's Best Tonkinese Kitten and CFA National Best Platinum Tonkinese Kitten

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The cattery is housed in a large solar heated house that was specially built in 1980. Each cat has a room inside with an outside covered run. 
The stud cats live there year round. The females alternate between the cattery and our house, where they have a nursery in which to raise their babies until weaning. 
The babies stay in the nursery (a converted bedroom) until they are socially ready to be in the house.

   Our vaccination schedule has been set by our veterinarian and is as follows:
	   Bivalent intranasal vaccine at 10 days and 4 weeks.
	   Trivalent intranasal vaccine at 6 weeks.
	   Trivalent injection at 8 and 12 weeks
The kittens are neutered at approximately 12 weeks and are given a rabies shot and are tested 
for FelV and FIV. They are wormed at 8 weeks.

When the kittens are ready to go at 16 weeks, we feel that they are well socialized and their 
immunity is as high as possible.

We have only a few litters of kittens per year because we feel that each kitten must have attention 
and spoiling. 

Visitors are welcomed to the cattery at any time, but are not allowed to be with newborn kittens until after the 3rd vaccination.
If you have questions, please contact us at (540) 745-3035 or by e-mail at


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