Our Trees

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Fraser Fir

This tree is the standard against which all other types of Christmas trees are judged. It has soft, deep green needles and excellent needle retention.
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Corkbark Fir

Are you an Elvis fan and hankering for a blue Christmas? Well we can help - the Corkbark Fir is our newest offering and the trees are some of the bluest we've ever grown. Learn more.

Concolor Fir

The overall effect is that of a full/dense Christmas tree with a unique color, superior fragrance, and outstanding needle retention.
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Myer Spruce

This species looks very much like the Colorado Blue Spruce but has blunter needles that don't bite so hard which makes it easier to handle and it has excellent needle retention. Learn more.

Balsam Fir

This species is very similar to Fraser Fir, it has a wonderful fragrance and fantastic needle retention, however they lack the silver stripe on the underside of their needles. Learn more.

Grand Fir

We grow this species because it has a unique beauty all its own. The needles are arranged on either side of the twigs creating an impression of many horizontal layers. Learn more.