Concolor Fir

The Concolor Fir (Abies concolor), sometimes called the White Fir or Colorado White Fir, is a native of the Rocky Mountains. As with all Firs it is a high altitude tree and ranges from northern California to New Mexico and is even found in Mexico. The Concolor Fir grows further south than any North American fir species and it is also the most drought tolerant.

So what can we say about the Concolor Fir other than it is one of our customers favorites!  In recent years we've sold as many Concolor as Fraser – a day we didn't think we'd ever see.  

It has several unique features that make it special. Its needles are longer than most fir trees ~ averaging 2–3 inches in length and are quite soft while retaining a reasonable amount of stiffness making them ideal for the hanging of ornaments. The broken needles and tree have a distinctive fragrance that is most frequently described as a mix of evergreen and citrus scents (some folks say oranges others say lemons). Finally the needles are not deep green but tend towards the blue–green with an underside of washed–out white.

The overall effect is that of a full/dense Christmas tree with a unique color, superior fragrance, and outstanding needle retention. The best testimonial we can give the Concolor Fir is that once a customer tries one they never seem to switch back.

To ensure your fresh–cut tree looks its best throughout the season follow the Tree Care directions we provide with each tree.