Corkbark Fir

Are you an Elvis fan and hankering for a blue Christmas? Well we might be able to help - the Corkbark Fir is our newest offering and the trees are some of the bluest we've ever grown (often as blue as the classic Colorado Blue Spruce).

Corkbark Fir is from New Mexico and Arizona and is a subspecies of the Subalpine Fir - we don't know any other growers in our area growing them but our experience with them so far has been very positive. The last several years we've had a few customers select this species and all have reported that the tree has amazing needle retention even at the end of the Holidays. Gotta love that! The trees are naturally open with strong branches - combine that with the terrific blue color and we're very happy to have them on the farm.

They are slow growing – these first trees were planted in 2002 and 2003 meaning its taken them well over 10 years to reach the right height. We have no trees taller than about 8’ at this point but plenty under that height.

To ensure your fresh–cut tree looks its best throughout the season follow the Tree Care directions we provide with each tree.