Myer Spruce

For many years we grew Colorado Blue Spruces but they don’t especially love our cool wet summers.  The trees suffered from needle cast diseases – combine that with the fact that Colorado Blue Spruces were notorious at dropping needles and we decided to look at other types of spruces.

Enter the Myer Spruce from Mongolia – it looks very much like the Colorado Blue Spruce but with a washed out blue v. intense blue.  It has blunter needles that don't bite so hard which makes it easier to handle and finally...drum roll has excellent needle retention.  Finally it has no problems with our cool wet summers.  The trifecta as far as we can tell. 

The trees look great – only a small percentage of our customers are looking for a spruce and happily we can now meet your needs – come try one of our new Myer Spruce – we'll welcome your feedback on how it performs.

To ensure your fresh–cut tree looks its best throughout the season follow the Tree Care directions we provide with each tree.